• Suresh Singh (PI) Professor of Computer Sciense, Portland State University

NFS Grant Number: 1217994

Duration: 9/2012 - 9/2015


The demand for wireless bandwidth has been growing at a rapid pace every year and is expected to continue. Estimates of annual growth in demandrange from 71% in Japan to over 117% in the U.S.Projecting this ahead a decade implies per-user wireless bandwidth needs of tens of gigabits per second, which is at least two orders of magnitude greater than what most users see today. Applications driving such a relentless thirst for bandwidth are quite diverse. From a consumer standpoint, key drivers include the evolution of applications such as ultra high-definition television while in the business domain applications include networking hundreds of thousands of computers together in data centers or delivering very high quality multimedia for medical and other similarapplications.This project seeks to exploit a relatively unexplored part of the wireless spectrum to deliver data at rates of terabits/sec. The spectrum in question is called the terahertz spectrum and extends in frequency from 300 GHz to 3.1 THz.